Granny Square Cushion Cover

Last week I caught the granny square bug. There is just something so wonderfully endearing about the humble granny square. I don't know if it is the simplicity, the quick satisfaction of completing one or that the possibilities of what they might become once joined to each other are endless. Also, for me, they hold… Continue reading Granny Square Cushion Cover

The Little Crochet Caddy Patterns

Tangled Inspired Embellishment

Happy Monday everyone! I hope it has been a really good start to the week for all of you! Now, I have been working on a little project that I have called 'Tangled Inspired Embellishments'. First things first, I LOVE Tangled! I have a magic golden flower tattoo and I have seen the film about… Continue reading Tangled Inspired Embellishment


Tea on the Green: BLOCK B

Block B...is....drum roll....complete!! Now, this little Block was a real delight to hook. It was infinitely quicker to produce the 8 Blocks of this one than Block A. I even managed to enjoy hooking this one out in the sunshine! (Which allowed for some really adorable photographs! See these above!) Now the weather has almost… Continue reading Tea on the Green: BLOCK B


Tea on the Green: BLOCK A

Now, I have been meaning to write this post for a REALLY long time! But, suffice to say it has been a busy few weeks! Finally, however, I have found the time to sit down (with a cup of tea and Craft It Yourself on 4OD in the background) to share my wonderful experience of… Continue reading Tea on the Green: BLOCK A


Tea on the Green Crochet Along

Have you heard of this amazing movement? If not...you need to! When I happened upon it, I was completely blown away by how amazing, yet completely simple this idea was! So, (for those of you who aren't yarn nerds or stalkers of the Hobbycraft website) the Tea on the Green Crochet Along is...well...exactly what it… Continue reading Tea on the Green Crochet Along