Caron Cakes: The Verdict

I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a professional crochet dabbler. I would consider myself somewhere in between beginner and competent. I enjoy using very basic yarns, mainly chosen for their gorgeous colour or appealing texture. (Yarn shops are my happy place!) However, everyone in the yarn community were always raving about Caron cakes. At this point, I had no idea that you could even get a yarn ‘cake’. I assumed it was some form of novelty cake for an avid crafter’s Birthday. How wrong I was!

For me the most appealing aspect of the Caron cake is the vast array of absolutely wonderful colour palettes available in their various cakes. I chose to go for the rainbow sprinkles as the colours really enticed me and, as the name suggests, I thought that making something with this particular cake would be reminiscent of a rainbow. And who doesn’t love rainbows!?

I chose to make a simple corner to corner blanket. It occurred to me that I have made several blankets in my short time of crocheting (even one for the family dog!) but I myself do not even own one! I know, right?! Obviously, this needed to be rectified.

This rainbow sprinkles blanket took approximately 5 3/4 cakes to make. (Thank goodness I managed to find these in various deals on Hobbycraft and The Range!) The blanket it approximately 54 inches square and I used a 5.00mm hook. It is super soft and it is made up of such wonderful colours. I think one of my favourite things about making this blanket was watching all the colours transform as I crocheted.

All in all…I am quite smitten with the caron cakes. So much so that I have bought myself a ‘blueberry kiwi’ and ‘cherry chip’ cake. I have no idea what the plan for them is as of yet. But, I couldn’t resist the colours! So…watch this space!


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