Tea on the Green Crochet Along

Have you heard of this amazing movement? If not...you need to! When I happened upon it, I was completely blown away by how amazing, yet completely simple this idea was! So, (for those of you who aren't yarn nerds or stalkers of the Hobbycraft website) the Tea on the Green Crochet Along is...well...exactly what it… Continue reading Tea on the Green Crochet Along

Caron Cakes: The Verdict

I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a professional crochet dabbler. I would consider myself somewhere in between beginner and competent. I enjoy using very basic yarns, mainly chosen for their gorgeous colour or appealing texture. (Yarn shops are my happy place!) However, everyone in the yarn community were always raving about Caron cakes.… Continue reading Caron Cakes: The Verdict